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Panhandler's Eggzactly Breakfast Pizza

For nearly four decades, Panhandler's has specialized in serving a unique, pan-style pizza. It's a Northern Colorado institution, and wow is it delicious! 


This year (what the locals like to just call) Pan's is introducing their newest creation: the 'breakfast pizza.' So naturally, mastermind and owner, Louann had a vision and gave us a few 'non-negotiables' as direction for her new brand:

- the name: Eggzactly

- the font: Brasty Script

- the tagline

- use an egg in some way


Easy enough? Let's get cracking! Our thought process then became to develop a breakfast-type character akin to Pan's 'panhandler' character, in order to tie the branding recognizably back to Panhandler's. We then presented five concepts, combined elements of each, and four rounds and this little guy was born. Personally, we can't wait for the t-shirts!

We then moved on to developing the new menu - and a move forward toward consistency of brand, reflecting the look and feel of


Next up, we've got some indoor, large format wall signage in development, as well as a new menu board to greet you when you walk in to this truly historic pizzaria. I'm giddy just thinking about it!

• Logo and brand development

• Breakfast menu

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