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KineticWise Sports & Medical Massage

Entrepreneurs have a passion that is palpable - and they are all in - any time of day. Fusing founder Kendra L. Melson's Native American heritage and patented massage protocol inside the clean look of the health and wellness industry gave just the right amount of direction and creative freedom to hit the mark.

I quickly became accountable for the growth of the entire brand across traditional, non-traditional, experiential and digital platforms. Helping this client trust processes led to more media and brand awareness. Where KineticWise's success grew in awareness, their profitability followed, soon booking three treatment rooms daily, and hiring on four therapists, an Office Administrator, and bringing me on for almost a decade.

Logo  |  Branding  |  Editorial/Advertorial Copywriting & Design  |  Website & Content Development  |  Social Media Management  |  Promotional Collateral  |  Outreach & Special Projects  |  Tradeshow Graphics  |  Photography

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