Combining graphic design, STORYTELLING,and a decent dose of life experience, Kat Weiss helps businesses cut through the noise and grow toward a more fulfilling and profitable future.

Great design starts with aligning what you want people to think about your company or product, with what people actually think about your company or product.

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Branding is the process of giving a meaning to a specific organization, product or service. Build value to increase the credibility of your brand.


Stories help us feel a greater sense of connection to one another. They can increase our empathy and often help reinforce our highest ideals such as compassion and kindness.


Good design emphasizes the usefulness of a product while simultaneously disregarding anything that detracts from it. Combining creative design with your business goals position you above the competition. 


There are infinite paths to building a successful business and they all start with a plan. Define your goals and cut through the noise to make it happen.


Define how you want to be perceived, communicate your mission, and maintain consistency across all touch points.

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Kat Weiss earned her BA in Illustration, Graphic Design and Fine Art from Montclair State University, located just outside NYC. She's worked in-agency for M&M/MARS®, Crayola®, Blockbuster®, Lea & Perrins® and WaterPik® brands. She's developed corporate branding, collateral, advertising series campaign, website and social media content for a fair amount of start-ups; she's designed, branded and art directed 4 publications - one of which won Graphic Design Annual's award for '2001 Best New Publication of the Year.' She's story-boarded commercial concepts and developed television show graphics for Bravo and here! networks, and she was awarded advertising campaign series work for Wyoming Health Department two years in a row.  


Through professional endeavor and proven redesign projects, Kat emphatically believes reinvention is the key to remaining relevant, and maintaining long-term relationships with clients, coworkers, and vendors is a staple of how she does business.


I just have to say it is so wonderful having your help!  You just totally get what we want in such a perfect way...” 


—  Jan Pollema, Executive Director, Hearts and Horses Therapeutic Riding Center

Kat's work has taken her from her home state of New Jersey to New York, Pennsylvania, California, Florida, and Colorado. Check out what clients and colleagues have had to say along the way.